Committee 2018/19
  1. Secretary
    Sarah Vercoe [email protected]
  2. Chair
    Michelle Stuttaford [email protected]
  3. Vice-Chair
  1. Treasurer & SW Region Rep
    Katrina Shipp [email protected]
  2. Rally Sec & Advertising
    Clairann Jeal-Foster [email protected]
  1. Plaque Officer
    Claire Madge [email protected]
  2. Newsletter & Web Editor
  3. Field Equipment
  1. Committee & SW Region Rep
    Sue Biddle
  2. Committee
    Suzanne Jackson

We currently have Committee position vacancies, if you feel you could help with the running of the D&C Centre and would like to find out more about the role please contact 
[email protected]

Vacancy for the Minute's Secretary
if you would like to find out more about this role please contact
[email protected]

The roles below are kindly being fulfilled by volunteers who are willing to help us out as we have a reduced committee.​​

Please note that the email addresses listed below will direct to the Chairman for point of contact.

Audio Officer

Wessex Representatives

Derek Philp
[email protected]

Paul Featherstone & Lin Glanfield
[email protected]