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ALAN PARKINSON                                          

ANGELA SAMBROOK                                   

JANICE FEATHERSTONE                            
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Dear Sir or Madam,

The Rally of Wessex

I am sure you will be delighted to know that it has been decided to continue with our Rally of Wessex, running on August bank holiday every other year, but with a change of name. We think a name change is needed, but the word Wessex must stay, as it is the Wessex region. What name would you call the new Wessex?

I am writing to ask for your help, together with you Committee and Members.  For many years this rally was an incredibly successful event. Recently however, it has not been as well supported as we would have liked. We are therefore asking for your feedback and, hopefully some suggestions that we could put forward to make it a more popular event for future years and one that can be enjoyed by all our members in the Southwest region.

Another point that is being considered is a change of venue, any suggestions on that?

Whilst we do enjoy the competitions, sport, handicraft, centre entertains etc, perhaps you have some ideas on a different format. Speaking to people from different centres the biggest criticism against the Wessex was the competition for the Wessex Cup.  Many people stated that when centres were taking 50/60+ caravans to the Wessex, the competitions for points was assured for those centres. 

However, now that the numbers have dwindled, possibly due to our children having grown up and no longer wishing to rally with us, football, netball, volleyball and so on have become less supported.  I think that it may be the time to move forward and drop the points/cup competitions for Centres and possibly have individual rewards instead.  We can, of course, put up the volleyball and football nets for anyone who wants to use them.

We should keep centre entertains, handicrafts, photography, floral display and cake making etc, together with outside boules, lawn skittles, driving & reversing, walking football, lawn darts, horseshoe throwing and decorated windows and these would be open for all ages to take part, but without the pressure of the points system.  

Let’s make it a family fun weekend again without the pressure of trying to gain points. Things need to be put on for our younger ralliers to enjoy, you may have ideas, activities that you do in your Centre that could benefit the Wessex.

Evening entertainment;  I think you will agree that this is something that needs to be right. Have we got it right? Would you like to see something different, for example tribute bands etc? Two nights of good professional entertainment (the more people attending the Wessex the better the entertainment)

Your comments and ideas from both your Committee and members would be greatly appreciated, this is your Wessex rally, let’s try and make it special once again.

The centres in our Wessex region are:

Devon & Cornwall
East Dorset
West Dorset
East Hampshire
West Hampshire
Isle of Wight

Of those listed, some have not been part of the festivities in the recent past. At this year’s Wessex AGM there were some that resigned from their roles as centre representatives, and new ones that have taken their places. We are still looking for a Vice Chairman, Events Coordinator and three Site Marshalls to assist in the new look Wessex. With so many new members and the intended re-vamp of the rally for 2020 together with your help and support we are hoping to get the region back together again, so we can all take part in the future Wessex for the enjoyment of us all.

Please don’t forget, ideas for the re-vamp, re-name and venue for the rally.

I hope that you will endeavour to assist with this request, as it would be a great shame for this rally to fall off the bi-annual calendar.

Our next Wessex meeting will be held on the 16th March 2019 and it would be great if you could try and let us have some feedback for then.

Thank you for your time,

Yours faithfully,

Alan Parkinson.
Wessex Centres Chairman.