South West Region
The Caravan & Motorhome Club is made up of Divisions, Regions and Centres. The Centres all provide two representatives from their committee (usually) to attend Regional Meetings. Devon & Cornwall therefore send two committee members to the South West Region, which covers ten centres from East Hampshire to Gloucester and down to D&C. The Isle of Wight also comes into the South West Region.
The Regional Committee meet four times per year, which is January, April, September and November, with the AGM being held in November. The meeting venues are movable and range from Swindon, Taunton, and between Yeovil/Dorchester. If all the representatives attend the committee then there are in excess of 25 delegates, which include the four Officers, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
The meeting act as an intermediary between Centres and the Executive Committee. Very often the same problems or information needed either by the Centre or Caravan & Motorhome Club is common to all the Centres. It also provides a useful means of swapping ideas, gathering information besides getting to know other Committee Members from other centres. Some time centre representatives are asked to help run Regional Promotional Events i.e. Meet the Members. These events are usually held on Club Sites and normally the Centre representative whose area the Club location falls within assists the Officers of the Regional Committee along with some Executive Members from Caravan & Motorhome Club.