Rally/Event Organiser Information

Fee's for 2019

Rally Fee

£1 ex VAT
The rally fee covers printing, postage, sweets & prizes.  It is important to ensure that expenses for such items do not exceed the rally fee charged.  

Admin Fee: 

1-3 nts          £2 ex VAT
4-6 nts          £3 ex VAT
7-10 nts       £5 ex VAT

If there is a minimum amount of nights this will be the number of nights the admin fee will be based on.

Social Fee:

Social fee should be used to cover the costs of refreshments (tea, coffee etc), entertainment etc.  VAT receipts must be kept and given to the Treasurer with the Rally return.

Plaques Fees for 2019


Under 5 plaques ordered:  No plaques to be ordered
6-10 ordered:                            £3 ex VAT
11-16 ordered:                         £1.50 ex VAT
17+  ordered:                             £1.10 small or £1.50 large ex VAT

For quantities below 17, only small plaques to be ordered.

No more plastic steward plaques, if stewards wish to purchase these, they can do this at a cost of £1.64

Plaque order form

Can both Stewards and members please be aware that family membership is only valid for members in the same van on the same pitch, who live at the same postal address.

A family membership is NOT valid for use, as an example for 4 adults with children each arriving in different motorhome's or caravans looking to book seperate pitches and if booking forms indicate they live at different addresses.

Please look out on booking forms for use of the same membership number on seperate booking forms as well as the famly membership being used against multiple addresses, it makes no difference if surnames are the same in this instance.

We have already had other centre members trying to book on to rallies using 1 family membership for multiple pitches.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss further or indeed if you encouter this issue for guidance.

Thank you in advance

M Stuttaford