Devon and Cornwall Centre
Plaque Ordering

The motif designs can be found at . You will need to note the design number and description for the order form.​
Please note the following:
  • All 2019 plaques will be blue with white writing along with a motif. The stewards plaques will remain green.
  • Stewards will need to order rally plaques a minimum of three working weeks prior to the start of their rally.
  • When completing the form you will need the design number, description for the motif, the name of the rally and its start date.
  • The number of plaques required for Ralliers and Stewards will need to be confirmed. 
  • The Stewards full postal address is also required as the plaques will be posted to this address.

Plaques Pricing for 2019 and order quantities

Under 5 plaques ordered:      No plaques to be ordered
6-10   ordered;                              £3 plus VAT
11-16 ordered;                             £1.50 plus VAT
17+    ordered;                               £1.10/£1.50 plus VAT
  • For quantities below 17, only small plaques to be ordered.
  • No more plastic Steward plaques.  If stewards wish to purchase these, they can do this at a cost of £1.64 plus VAT
The order form can also be obtained from the Plaque Officer.
Once the form is completed please send to the following email address [email protected]
If you haven't had acknowledgement of your order within 48hrs please ring the plaque officer to confirm.

The more additional options added will increase the cost of the Plaque, therefore this will need to be costed into rally returns charging the plaques at the appropriate price.

Please not gold or silver - wording incurs an extra charge.

Please send plaque orders at least 3 weeks before rally starts.

Plaque order form (doc)
Plaque order form (pdf)