Thankyou for your continued support 

Dear Member,

The Centre Committee have been working very hard to find a way to encourage new stewards to come forward to run rallies.  As you are well aware, without the rallies we will not have a Centre and therefore we need to increase the number of rallies held each year in order to stay financially viable. 

Unfortunately, the number of rallies has been declining year on year, for various reasons, the main one being that no new stewards are coming forward.  The reasons for this may be varied, but possibly the anxiety of knowing what to do, how to fill in a rally return, etc. etc., may be a very real deterrent to someone who has never run a rally before.

To address this and many other aspects, the Committee has decided to hold a rally especially for stewards and those members who may be interested in running a rally.  The date for this rally would be early in August 2019, at a venue easily accessible for members from Devon and Cornwall and I do hope that you would be able to support us at this rally.

The Committee would like existing stewards to volunteer to pass on their wealth of experience to ‘newbies’ at this rally, and, with Committee members, explain what to do, when and how to deal with the finances etc.   A ‘buddy’ system, similar to those run by other Centres in the region, could attract more interest and it is hoped that current stewards could help with this as well.  This would take away the mystery of running a rally and show how rewarding it can be.

The Centre Committee at present is very small in comparison to years gone by and the amount of work involved in running the Centre by such a small group is incredibly wearing and encroaches heavily into their private family lives.  Most of them are working full or part time yet give their leisure time freely to attend meetings, run rallies and generally support the Centre for the benefit of ALL Centre members.  Any help that you and the other Centre members can give to lighten the load will be welcome - ideas, not just criticism, please, so that we can have the lively, active Centre that we all want to belong to.

Once the venue for this extra rally is finalised, I will be in touch with you again and I hope that you will be willing to assist in this new venture.  Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions on this subject.

With best wishes,

Michelle Stuttaford,
Centre Chairman, Devon & Cornwall