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 We are a friendly Centre and welcome all Caravan Club ralliers, big small young and old. We organise a programme of rallies and events for you to enjoy your weekends away in your caravan/motorhome.  We usually stay in Devon and Cornwall, but can travel further afield on Bank Holidays and at holiday times for you to make the most of your time away.  Please come along and give us a try. You will find a variety of activities taking place on our Rallies, we try to cater for the needs and enjoyment of everybody, There are rallies where the emphasis is on fun and entertainment and other rallies which are peaceful and relaxing.  On every rally you have the choice of taking part or just relaxing. Rallies can vary in length from two day weekend rallies to one and two week Holiday rallies, we occassionally go abroad.​














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Rally Update

3965 Exmouth Holiday rally-Let the sun shine on is now FULL.  A Waiting list has started.
This is Chris and Carolyn Coles last Rally as stewards for the D&C  centre after 21 years at the Exmouth rugby Ground.
If there's anybody who would like to take over as stewards for 2019 please let the Chairman or Chris Coles know. Chris is happy to advise new stewards on any infomation required. 
Many Thanks Mr and Mrs Coles on your support over the numerous years as stewards. 
Best wishes from all thd D&C Committee

3951 The second week end at Cambrose is cancelled and unavailable, this is only for any new bookings. If you have already booked for additional nights and the week end this is fine. This is due to no additional request  for bookings  for  the bank holiday weekend which means there will be no stewards on site until Friday  late afternoon.